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An Initiative Towards "Health care & Hygiene" by VagMine

VagMine Enterprises Founded in 2017. VagMine’s first initiative towards “ GREEN INDIA,CLEAN INDIA” is NATURE’s QUEEN-sanitary napkins. VagMine is providing Sanitary napkins i.e. NATURE'S QUEEN which has 100% ORGANIC COTTON TOP SHEET, so that women don't face any kind of health problem. Nature’s Queen focuses in creating Environmental and social change through Revitalising Menstrual practices that are healthy Environmentally sustainable, culturally responsive and Empowering Women around the World. Nature’s Queen believes that nothing should hold you back from pursuing your Dreams of progress-not even your Periods. VagMine is stepping forward for this initiative. In India, only 12% Women use sanitary napkins. Rest of Women don’t use because of Unawareness or Shyness or may be because of Personal Problems. Our vision is to spread awareness in the maximum number of Women in India through our affordable product. Women still feel Shy while buying sanitary napkins from the market therefore we offer SANITARY NAPKIN VENDING MACHINE which are easy to use and hassle free. For this VAGMINE ENTERPRISES has donated Sanitary Napkins Vending machines in Two Government Colleges in Delhi.

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Apart from successfully shifting the closed doors menstruation conversations to the living room areas of middle-class families, the film also brought to the fore the usage statistics of sanitary napkins in the country and behind-the-scene dynamics of the business – in terms of its production value and sale cost. It’s alarming that only 12% of women in India have access to or can actually use sanitary napkins when they are on their period. Equally alarming is the fact a large part of the minuscule 12% women don’t know what goes into the making of a sanitary napkin and more importantly, what constitutes the essential commodity.


Delhi-based Deepanjali Dalmia, an entrepreneur, had quit her high-paying job in Manhattan to pursue change in an alarming result that emerged out of her research three years back. “Once I started researching, I realized that 90% of the sanitary napkin is composed of plastic. That’s extremely carcinogenic and harmful to a woman’s body. It’s like exposing yourself- the most sensitive and permeable area of the vagina- to a host of chemicals,” she said while speaking to News18.com.

VagMine Sanitary Pads RevolutionVagMine Sanitary Pads Revolution

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