October 10, 2019

Bottle Crushing Machine


  • Ensures clean, Quality material that can be used again & again to make new containers.
  • Keeps litter & waste out of ground water, oceans, rivers and streets.
  • Reduces need for raw materials in making more containers and need for landfills.
  • No emission of smoke, Eco-friendly.


Technical Specification


  • Display for Advertisement: Yes
  • Cutting Mechanism: Material grabbed between two counter rotating shaft
  • Shredding speed in RPM input electrical supply: 230 volt 50hz 1phase
  • Electrical motor rating: 2HP
  • Current Rating in Amperes: 6 Ampere
  • Motor Start/ Off: Automatic
  • Material of cutter of shredder: Hardened special Alloy steel
  • Gross weight: 180kg
  • Short circuit protection: Yes
  • Body Type: MS
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