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Sanitary Pads

  1. 100% Organic Cotton Top Sheet
  2. Super Soft
  3. Rash Free

Sanitary Pad Vending Machine

  1. Wide Range of Manual and Automatic Machines
  2. Wall Mounted Machines
  3. Easy To Use


  1. Pad Burning Machines
  2. Produces Low Smoke
  3. Wall Mounted Machines
  4. Easy To Use

About VagMine

An Initiative Towards "Health care & Hygiene" by VagMine VagMine Enterprises Founded in 2017, VagMine’s first initiative towards “ GREEN INDIA,CLEAN INDIA” is NATURE’s QUEEN-sanitary napkins. VagMine is providing Sanitary napkins i.e. NATURE'S QUEEN which has 100% ORGANIC COTTON TOP SHEET, so that women don't face any kind of health problem.

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